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Eindhoven, 21 February 2018 – Preceyes B.V. (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) and partners developed and integrated a distance sensor in Preceyes’ robot. The sensor measures the distance of an instrument from the retina in real time. The...

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Koorosh Faridpooya MD, senior retinal surgeon and lead investigator at Rotterdam Eye Hospital

The ROI can add another doctor to its list! Although not in the medical sense of the term, but in academically statistically environment . In 2011, Susan Bryan traveled from South Africa  to Rotterdam to start working as a PhD student at the...

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Rotterdam, June 16, 2017 - The Rotterdam Eye Hospital and Preceyes have signed a strategic agreement for clinical development and application of a surgery robot. The purpose is to use the robot in retinal surgery to help patients more accurately...

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Is addition of steroids beneficial to treat bacterial endophthalmitis?

Manning et al. 2017. A prospective multicentre randomized placebo-controlled superiority trial... Lees meer

Genetic research into the causes of retinitis pigmentosa

Pierrache et al. 2017. Whole-Exome Sequencing Identifies Biallelic IDH3A Variants as a Cause of... Lees meer

Different perspectives concerning health-services quality in cataract care

Stolk-Vos et al. 2017. Multi-stakeholder perspectives in defining health-services quality in... Lees meer

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