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The Rotterdam Eye Hospital and Preceyes work together to develop an surgery robot for eye surgery

Rotterdam, June 16, 2017 - The Rotterdam Eye Hospital and Preceyes have signed a strategic agreement for clinical development and application of a surgery robot. The purpose is to use the robot in retinal surgery to help patients more accurately and safely in the future. The robot also allows new treatments that can help with a better treatment of retinal diseases.


At the moment, all retinal surgery is still manually performed by a small group of highly specialized ophthalmologists. Preceyes builds a robot that will support the ophthalmologist in performing these surgeries. The aim is that The Rotterdam Eye Hospital and the Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute (R.O.I.) will use the robot at the end of 2017.

The ophthalmologists look forward to the arrival of the robot. Ophthalmologist Prof. Jan van Meurs MD Ph.D.: "The eye is a small and complex organ. Eye surgery is therefore very difficult. With the help of a surgery robot we can perform new treatments that are still very difficult or even impossible at this moment. For example, the robots makes possible to administering drugs in very small blood vessels in the back of the eye. This and other treatments prevent patients from losing sight quickly of even losing sight at all. "

Nico Klay, CEO of the hospital in Rotterdam, is also proud of the development of the robot. "As a highly specialised ophthalmologist institute, it is very important to work on groundbreaking innovations like this. The robot will ensure that we can help patients with eye problems even better. Eye problems that, in some cases, we cannot treat at this moment."

Koorosh Faridpooya MD, senior retina surgeon, leads the project in the position of head clinical researcher. He has been working on the development of the robot with the Preceyes team in Eindhoven for almost five years now. Together with a team of experienced retinal surgeons in The Rotterdam Eye Hospital he guarantees, among other things, that there will be compliance with the regulations and interest of the patient.


Preceyes is very pleased with this strategic cooperation. "Together we will demonstrate how important the Preceyes Platform is for the daily surgical treatment of patients. We are convinced that the robot can play an important supporting role in improving both existing and new surgical procedures. We are going to integrate precision into eye surgery where that is most useful. This can only be done with a progressive hospital like The Rotterdam Eye Hospital.", according to Prof. Marc de Smet MD Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Preceyes. Perry van Rijsingen, CEO of Preceyes, adds: "With the development of the robot we take, each in our own field, a leading position within the ophthalmic world. The insights from the research, including the clinical benefits that the robot offers, will be used in the development of the next generation robots. "


For the editors:

For more information, please contact the marketing and communications department of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital and/or Perry van Rijsingen, CEO at Preceyes:

·       Robert Spiering, 0031623753275, r.spiering@oogziekenhuis.nl


·       Perry van Rijsingen, perryvanrijsingen@preceyes.nl

Financial contribution of the Coolsingel Foundation

The Coolsingel Foundation has made a financial contribution to enable this project. The foundation finances projects that lead to improvement of healthcare in the Rotterdam region. These include projects that promote the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of healthcare and projects that develop a non-existent care application.

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital is a serves as a top institute for ophthalmic care. Every year, more than 12,500 surgeries are performed in the hospital and 139,000 outpatient clinic visits take place. The Rotterdam Eye Hospital is founder and member of the World Association of Eye Hospitals, a worldwide association of specialist ophthalmic centers. www.oogziekenhuis.nl.


Preceyes is a medical robotics company focussed on ocular surgery in the eye care market. The company develops, builds and commercializes innovative robotic solutions to assist eye surgeons in performing the most demanding surgical tasks. The company’s first target is vitreoretinal surgery. The robot supports the surgeon in improving existing surgery and enables the development of new, high-precision treatments. Preceyes is a spin-out of the Eindhoven University of Technology and is located at the TU/e Science Park in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Preceyes leverages the mechatronics capability of the Dutch Brainport region. www.preceyes.nl

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