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Annual ARVO meeting 2014

Every year the Association for research in vision and ophthalmology (ARVO) meets to exhibit and discuss the recent advancements in Eye research. This year researchers, students and leading experts from all over the world in the field of Ophthalmology rendezvoused in Orlando, Florida to share their research with the rest of the scientific community and get valuable feedback.

There was a strong presence of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital in this year's ARVO meeting with the residents and researchers presenting nine posters and generating a lot of interest among the audience. Besides getiing an opportunity to present their work, there were also some awards and prizes conferred on the researchers fron the Eye Hospital. Susan Bryan received a travel grant for her remarkable work on 'Global visit point wise effects in longitudinal modeling of glaucomatous visual fields', while Kari Vienola and Gijs Thepass were finalists for the MIT poster prize award and were among the best five in their own field of expertise. Kari Vienola als bagged second price in the 'Tell me what you do' contest, where he explained his research in an understandable way to a twelve year old kid.

The presentations and posters made by various researchers from the Rotterdam Eye Hospital at the conference are as follows:

  • Kedir Adal: Accuracy assessment of fundus image registration for diabetic retinopathy screening.
  • Boy Braaf: Fiber-based polarization sensitive swept-source OCT of the human retina.
  • Susan Bryan: Global visit effects in point wise longitudinal modeling of glaucomatous visual fields.
  • Henk de Jong: Visualisation of Trans retinal blood flow in retinal angiomatous proliferation with phase-resolved Doppler-OCT.
  • Stijn Klijn: Current accuracy of a simple Gaussian optics-based thin lens intraocular lens power calculation formula.
  • Jelena Novosel: Loosely coupled level stes for 3D retinal layer segmentation in optical coherence tomography scans of healthy and glaucoma subject.
  • Gijs Thepass: RNFL attenuation coefficients for normal and glaucomatous eyes from standard peripapillary SD-OCT circle scans.
  • Koenraad Vermeer: Improving structure-function relationship by optimizing mathematical retinal nerve fibre layer models on perimetric data.
  • Kari Vienola: Parallel scanning laser ophthalmoscope (PSLO) for high-speed retinal imaging.


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