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Strong presence of the Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute at the annual ARVO meeting May 5-9 2013

Being the largest eye and vision research organization in the world, the ARVO meeting is always the highlight of the year for researchers working in ophthalmology. This year, nine researchers from ROI and four ophthalmologists from the Rotterdam Eye Hospital participated in the meeting with total of seven presentations including talks by Boy Braaf and Koenraad Vermeer in the Innovations in Ocular Imagingsession. These talks were crowded which emphasizes the growing interest towards Doppler OCT/eye-tracking in OCT imaging and attenuation coefficient approach for OCT image analysis.

During the 5-day conference, our poster presentations attracted a lot of attention during their respective sessions, which was seen as an enthusiastic group of researchers huddling in front of the posters. This kind of face-to-face interaction is excellent since it leads to fruitful discussions, heated debates and new collaborations. The increasing attention towards our research projects illustrates that Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute is in the frontier of ophthalmic research in many fields like image analysis, ophthalmic imaging and statistics.

Presentations held in ARVO 2013 meeting in alphabetical order:


  • Sankha Amarakoon: “Crying wolf or a real problem: poisson distribution statistics for rare events applied to endophthalmitis”
  • Boy Braaf: “Real-time eye motion correction in phase-resolved OCT angiography with tracking SLO”
  • Susan Bryan: “Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling of Longitudinal Visual Fields to Quantify Glaucoma Progression”
  • Jelena Novosel: “Comparison of coupled level sets and graph cuts for retinal layer segmentation in optical coherence tomography”
  • Gijs Thepass: “Comparison of Regression Analysis in structural and functional monitoring of glaucoma patients”
  • Koenraad Vermeer: “In-vivo Depth-resolved Estimation of Tissue Properties: OCT-derived Attenuation Coefficient Images”
  • Kari Vienola: “Imaging of optic nerve head pore structure with motion corrected deeply penetrating OCT using tracking SLO”
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