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hEyeway: slitlamp photos with an iPhone

The Research Institute of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, the Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute, introduces hEyeway: a unique, easy and secure platform for capturing, sharing and accessing slit lamp photos. A specially designed adapter is used to connect an iPhone to a slit lamp. The ophthalmologist is then able to take photographs and videos using a new app, designed by Synappz Medical Apps; these can then be immediately discussed and shared with patients or colleagues.


Ophthalmologist Jan-Tjeerd de Faber of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital said, “Cameras that can be connected to a slit lamp are already commercially available. These are, however, extremely expensive. This can now be achieved much cheaper using an iPhone and the new adapter. Thanks to hEyeway, photos captured using the iPhone can also be securely stored and shared. It is especially appealing that I can take a photo in a few seconds and discuss this with the patient right away. A photo speaks a thousand words.”


Dr. De Faber developed the first prototype of the adapter. The Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute subsequently developed the hEyeway platform, comprised of a newly developed adapter, which is suitable for mass-production and the iPhone app, which was developed by Synappz Medical Apps. The project was made financially possible by Alcon Pharma Benelux, which has already bought a number of licences that will be offered to ophthalmologists throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


For more information visit http://www.hEyeway.nl or call Erik van der Zijden (Synappz) at +31 (0)6 1093 0140

The Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute (ROI) is an expert centre aimed at supporting and implementing scientific ophthalmic research, and is associated with the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. The research is conducted in close cooperation with ophthalmologists at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital.

Synappz Medical Apps conceives, develops and markets innovative mobile concepts and practical solutions for medical professionals, health care organisations, the pharmaceutical industry and patient advocacy groups. Synappz was named eHealth Start Up of the Year 2012 and won the Dutch Health App Award of the online doctors forum Artsennet.

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, founded in 1874, is the only eye hospital in the Netherlands, providing secondary eye care for the region and tertiary eye care for the whole country.

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