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The Rotterdam Eye Hospital co-operates in developing a new retinal camera

On February 6, the kick-off meeting took place on a project in which TNO, Boston Scientific and the Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute collaborate to develop a quantitative retinal camera. With this camera, it will be possible not only to image the tissue structure of the retina, but also to measure concentrations of certain molecules on the retina. This offers new possibilities for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases and ophthalmic diseases.

TNO has extensive expertise and experience in the field of the interaction between light and tissue. By a innovative measurement method,the optical properties of the tissue can be determined. Consecutively, the concentration of substances that are related to the disease process are calculated. Possibly, this camera will enable better predictions and earlier diagnosis of ophthalmic and other diseases in the future.

During the first phase of the project, a feasibility study covering entire 2017, a prototype will be developed, built and validated in model eyes. In addition, we will prepare clinical trials that may be performed in a next phase. The ROI advises TNO on possible clinical applications within ophthalmology, such as diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

This project is made possible by financial contributions from TKI HTSM (Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation, High Tech Systems and Materials) and Boston Scientific and by an in-kind contribution of the ROI. The project is open for additional participants. Collaborators from the ROI are Dr. K.A. Vermeer, head of Enabling Technologies, and Dr. M.J.E. van Velthoven, medical retina specialist.

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