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Phase-stabilized optical frequency domain imaging at 1-µm for the measurement of blood flow in the human choroid.

Opt Express 2011, vol. 19, issue 21

In optical frequency domain imaging (OFDI) the measurement of interference fringes is not exactly reproducible due to small instabilities in the swept-source laser, the interferometer and the data-acquisition hardware. The resulting variation in wavenumber sampling makes phase-resolved detection and the removal of fixed-pattern noise challenging in OFDI. In this paper this problem is solved by a new post-processing method in which interference fringes are resampled to the exact same wavenumber space using a simultaneously recorded calibration signal. This method is implemented in a high-speed (100 kHz) high-resolution (6.5 µm) OFDI system at 1-µm and is used for the removal of fixed-pattern noise artifacts and for phase-resolved blood flow measurements in the human choroid. The system performed close to the shot-noise limit (Link to full publication

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