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Axial eye length growth and final refractive outcome after unilateral paediatric cataract surgery.

Br J Ophthalmol 2010, vol. 94, issue 5

AIM To compare the axial eye length growth of the two fellow eyes within one patient after unilateral paediatric cataract surgery and to assess changes in refraction and keratometry. PATIENTS/METHODS A retrospective study in 90 eyes of 45 patients was performed. The 45 patients were divided into group 1 (patients younger than 18 months at the time of surgery, n=25) and group 2 (patients 18 months or older at the time of surgery, n=20). The axial eye length, spherical equivalent refraction and keratometry were measured during surgery and at follow-up. All outcome data in the operated eyes were compared with the outcome data of the fellow non-operated eyes. The Student t test was used for statistical analysis. Values of pLink to full publication

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