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Digital micromirror device based ophthalmoscope with concentric circle scanning.

Biomed Opt Express 2017, vol. 8, issue 5

Retinal imaging is demonstrated using a novel scanning light ophthalmoscope based on a digital micromirror device with 810 nm illumination. Concentric circles were used as scan patterns, which facilitated fixation by a human subject for imaging. An annular illumination was implemented in the system to reduce the background caused by corneal reflections and thereby to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio. A 1.9-fold increase in the signal-to-noise ratio was found by using an annular illumination aperture compared to a circular illumination aperture, resulting in a 5-fold increase in imaging speed and a better signal-to-noise ratio compared to our previous system. We tested the imaging performance of our system by performing non-mydriatic imaging on two subjects at a speed of 7 Hz with a maximum 20° (diameter) field of view. The images were shot noise limited and clearly show various anatomical features of the retina with high contrast.

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