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Excision of nodular basal cell carcinoma involving the lower eyelid tarsal skin using a grey line-splitting, posterior lamella-sparing technique.

Orbit 2019, vol. 38, issue 3


To describe a posterior lamella-sparing technique to resect nodular basal cell carcinoma involving the inferior part of the tarsal skin of the lower eyelid.


Excision of nodular basal cell carcinoma of the tarsal skin using a grey-line-splitting technique with preservation of the posterior lamella. Specimen was sent for frozen section control. Additional excision was performed in caseof irradicality. The defect was closed with a free skin graft from the ipsi- or contralateral upper eyelid.


We show a case series of three patients with lower eyelid basal cell carcinoma and investigated radicality on histology, aesthetic outcome and clinical recurrence during a follow-up of 18 months. Pre, intra, and postoperative photographs were obtained. In all cases radicality was reached. In all patients, the skin graft was viable, with no recurrence after 18 months. Excellent aesthetic results were obtained.


Anterior lamellar resection of nodular basal cell carcinomas involving the tarsal lower eyelid skin using a grey line lid-splitting technique is a simple and one-step technique with good clinical outcome. It may avoid the morbidity associated with full thickness eyelid resection and might be useful for other, nonmalignant eyelid lesions.

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