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Surgical correction of involutional lower lid entropion with lateral canthal eyelid block excision and imbrication of the capsulopalpebral ligament using non-buried non-resorbable imbricating sutures versus buried resorbable imbricating sutures.

Orbit 2019, vol. 38, issue 1


To compare the results of surgical correction of involutional lower eyelid entropion using either buried resorbable imbricating sutures or non-buried non-resorbable sutures that were removed after five to seven days.


Retrospective analysis of a two-surgeon series. Analysis of the charts of patients surgically treated for involutional lower eyelid entropion between January 2011 and December 2014 with a minimum follow-up of 12 months.


Recurrence rate, postoperative complications.


We included 281 eyelids of 240 patients. Of these, 89 eyelids had been treated with buried resorbable imbricating sutures (surgeon WvdB) and 192 with non-buried non-resorbable sutures (surgeon DP). Of the 281 eyelids, 77 eyelids had undergone previous entropion surgery. In the buried resorbable suture group (group R), the mean follow-up was 30 months (range 12 to 61 months) versus 39 months (range 14 to 60 months) in the non-buried non-resorbable group (group NR) (p = 0.07). With a follow-up of up to 18 months, the recurrence rate was 2.2% in group R and 4.2% in group NR (p = 0.73). With a similar follow-up, the recurrence rate was 3.9% after primary surgery versus 2.6% in recurrent cases (p = 0.73). Minor postoperative complications and side-effects were seen in 5.3% (15/281).


We found no difference in the recurrence rate between the use of buried resorbable imbricating sutures and non-buried non-resorbable sutures and between primary versus recurrent cases. We conclude that we can safely use buried resorbable imbricating sutures in involutional entropion. It yields comparable results and omits the need for suture removal.

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