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In vivo retinal imaging for fixational eye motion detection using a high-speed digital micromirror device (DMD)-based ophthalmoscope.

Biomed Opt Express 2018, vol. 9, issue 2

Retinal motion detection with an accuracy of 0.77 arcmin corresponding to 3.7 µm on the retina is demonstrated with a novel digital micromirror device based ophthalmoscope. By generating a confocal image as a reference, eye motion could be measured from consecutively measured subsampled frames. The subsampled frames provide 7.7 millisecond snapshots of the retina without motion artifacts between the image points of the subsampled frame, distributed over the full field of view. An ophthalmoscope pattern projection speed of 130 Hz enabled a motion detection bandwidth of 65 Hz. A model eye with a scanning mirror was built to test the performance of the motion detection algorithm. Furthermore, an

in vivo

motion trace was obtained from a healthy volunteer. The obtained eye motion trace clearly shows the three main types of fixational eye movements. Lastly, the obtained eye motion trace was used to correct for the eye motion in consecutively obtained subsampled frames to produce an averaged confocal image correct for motion artefacts.

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