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The Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute (R.O.I.) is the scientific research institute of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. The Rotterdam Eye Hospital has a long tradition in scientific research, since 2009 initiated and facilitated by the R.O.I.

The R.O.I. works closely with ophthalmologists at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. The Rotterdam Eye Hospital can thus guarantee a professional research structure in order to ensure further innovation in ophthalmology for the future.

The R.O.I. also conducts contract research for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Contract research is a collaborative venture whereby an organization commissions the R.O.I. to carry out research. Organizations choose the R.O.I. for its extensive knowledge, pioneering research methods, its innovative equipment and the experience of its ophthalmologists.


The Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute (R.O.I.) focuses on innovation in the whole range of ophthalmic care and on improving the treatment of eye diseases based on scientific research, in line with the objectives of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital Foundation. Wherever possible, the R.O.I. works with ophthalmologists and other specialists at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital as well as with national and international research centers. The R.O.I. strictly complies with the applicable quality requirements and regulations and carefully considers the impact on the research participants.


The ageing population and the increase in possible treatments will boost demand for ophthalmic care in the coming years. In order to meet this demand with the same resources, ophthalmic care will have to innovate at medical, technological and organizational level, as well as with regard to cost effectiveness. In the Netherlands, the relevant research will mainly be conducted in the academic centers.

The R.O.I. is striving to achieve a leading position in ophthalmic scientific research, focusing on clinical research, the initiation of multidisciplinary translational research and the implementation of the related clinic aspects. For the non-clinical areas of translational research, the R.O.I. works closely with other research institutions, aiming at promoting synergy with academic researchers.

The R.O.I. can rely on both the presence of all ophthalmic sub specialisms at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital and the very extensive patient population there. The R.O.I. is working on a potentially solid and high-quality research infrastructure and is building an international network with other research institutes, innovative companies and other stakeholders. In all this, the R.O.I. takes inspiration from developments beyond the boundaries of ophthalmology. 
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