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2006-01: Effects of post-operative topical steroid versus intraoperative subconjunctival steroid injection and postoperative miotic on intraocular inflammation following cataract extraction.

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Inclusion open since 29-1-2007

Cataract extraction is the most frequently performed surgical intervention. A relatively high prevalence of post-op ocular inflammation, needing additional treatment and visits, has prompted the search for a treatment to replace the traditionally prescribed topical steroids. A subconjunctival steroid depot appears to be the most promising alternative. The use of miotics after cataract extraction appears to have lost its rationale. Therefore, the efficacy of Eserine will be evaluated as well.

The primary objective of this randomized clinical trial is to compare the incidence of post-cataract extraction ocular inflammation with subconjunctival steroid injection versus traditional eye drops. The primary endpoints are laser flare count, examined by laser flare counter, before operation and on day 21 and thickness of the macula, examined by OCT, before operation and on day 21.

Four hundred patients with indication for cataract extraction will be randomized to four groups: 1. subconjunctival depot of betamethasone; 2. traditional dexamethasone eye drops; 3. traditional dexamethasone eye drops plus administration of Eserine; and 4. subconjunctival depot of betamethasone plus administration of Eserine.

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