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2011-03: De herkenbaarheid van de optotypen van de Amsterdamse Plaatjes Kaart, E-haken, Lea Symbols, ETDRS en Landolt-C bij gezonde en amblyope kinderen

Children and inhertable diseases
Outcome research
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 1-3-2011

In children, visual acuity (VA) is assessed by various types of optotype charts. According to the guideline, APK and Lea Symbols can be used from the age of three. With the aging of the child, these can be replaced by more intricate charts, such as the tumbling E- or Landolt-C chart. Picture charts are calibrated for the specific age range that they are used for. Visual acuity improves with age, allowing more intricate charts to be used. However replacing one optotype chart with another chart, often leads to a reduction in the VA measured. This study aims to determine the recognisability of different optotypes and measure conversion indices for various optotype charts in terms of angular resolution as a function of age.

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