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2016-32: Structural and functional measurements for glaucoma detection and monitoring in early, moderate and advanced glaucoma

Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 2-3-2017

The use of structural measurements from imaging devices and functional measurements from perimetry for the detection and monitoring of glaucoma remains a topic of great interest in current scientific research. There is no consensus on what measurement technique or combination of techniques is best used for the detection of glaucoma and the monitoring of the disease in the early, moderate and advanced stages of glaucoma. This is partly because comparing these different measurements techniques in the different stages of glaucoma is difficult because they measure different quantities, expressed by different units. Furthermore, there is sufficient evidence that the correlation between structural and functional measurements is poor. This poor correlation has several causes, such as measurement noise and differences in measurement variability and bandwidth between the various measurements techniques in the different stages of glaucoma. A comparison of the performance of each measurement technique for the different stages of glaucoma would enable us to select the optimal technique for both the detection and monitoring of glaucoma, and thereby further improve our clinical management of glaucoma.

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