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2005-20: GDx-VCC scan of the retinal nerve fibre layer as an auxiliary tool to assess the prognosis of various types of Multiple Sclerosis

Medical devices and techniques
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 1-1-2006

Because the optic nerve is easily accessible to diagnostic scan techniques, examination of retinal nerve fibers may provide a more general picture of demyelination processes elsewhere in the CNS. In this study nerve fiber thickness will be measured with the GDx-VCC to establish whether a relationship with RR and PP stages of MS can be demonstrated.

In 150 Patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis MS patients will by classified according to type of MS , duration of MS and degree of disability, visual acuity, visual field retinal nerve fiber thickness, intraocular pressure and OCT will be assessed. If a significant difference between various stages of MS can be demonstrated, annual visits are scheduled during a follow-up of 5 years to monitor progression.

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