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2018-11: The Vitreous Wipe. Clinical evaluation of an investigational medical device.

Surgical retina
Medical devices and techniques
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 11-11-2019

Rationale: Vitreoschisis causes retinal traction with a high risk of retinal damage. Therefore, it should be completely removed from the retinal surface. Existing equipment for vitreoschisis removal involve a substantial risk of iatrogenic retinal damage. It is conjectured that polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) comprises a safe and efficient alternative tool for removing vitreoschisis.

Objective: To document the use of the Vitreous Wipe and to demonstrate its operational functioning.

Study design: Prospective proof of concept (single-surgeon).

Study population: Patients scheduled to undergo vitrectomy, who consent with the use of the Vitreous Wipe in case vitreoschisis is identified intraoperatively.

Intervention: Removing vitreoschisis with the Vitreous Wipe.

Main study parameters/endpoints: Completeness of vitreoschisis removal, as visualised with triamcinolone, intraoperatively.

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