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2009-17: Genetic characterization of uveal melanoma: Genetic and epigenetic markers and their relation with metastasis and prognosis.

Orbit and melanoma
Molecular biology
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 1-1-2010

Uveal melanomas metastasize almost exclusively via the haematogenous route. Even if the tumour containing eye is removed, 50% of the patients develop liver metastases indicating that micro-metastases are present during early tumour development. To detect these metastasizing cells in an early phase is one of the main challenges in the (uveal melanoma) oncology field and a prerequisite for a proper patient selection for therapeutic intervention in the future.

The aim of this project is the identification of genetic and epigenetic prognostic markers of uveal melanoma initiation, progression and metastasis in a longitudinal cohort study.

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