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2009-20: European structure and function assessment trial (ESAFAT)

Health service research
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 1-1-2010

General ophthalmologists may find it difficult to match visual fields to optic discs, when presented with a choice of 4 visual fields per disc (normal, mild, moderate and advanced glaucoma, of which only one field actually belongs to the presented disc). On the other hand, clinicians may gain support from the visual fields where to look for any disc abnormalities. It is therefore possible that higher matching-scores are obtained than the classification scores in the EODAT trial. It will then be assumed that if a disc is matched with a normal field, the disc is considered to be normal and otherwise glaucomatous. Main objective: to determine what proportion of discs correctly matches the visual fields. Secondary objective: to test whether the matching scores are higher than the classification scores in EODAT. A subset of discs from the EODAT trial will be used; in principle, the same doctors that took part in EODAT, will be asked to take part in ESAFAT. Approximately 250 ophthalmologists from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Scandinavia, Greece, Austria, Portugal, The Netherlands and Belgium, that took part in EODAT participate in this study.

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