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2011-09: The continuation of platelet inhibiting drugs in eyelid surgery. An observational study.

Orbit and melanoma
Outcome research
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 1-7-2011

Guidelines for perioperative use of platelet inhibiting drugs have been changed recently, and procedures in eyelid surgery in The Rotterdam Eye Hospital have been adjusted accordingly. Adverse events that may be related to eyelid surgery and the use of platelet inhibiting drugs will be systematically registered (and compared with retrospective data when platelet inhibiting drugs used to be temporarily discontinued). To systematically and consistently record adverse events in relation to eyelid surgery and platelet inhibiting medication we execute this prospective observational study in combination with retrospective data retrieval. The retrospective analysis is on a cohort of patients that underwent eyelid surgery with platelet inhibiting medication discontinued (2009-2010). Prospective data will be obtained from patients using platelet inhibiting medication scheduled for eyelid surgery.

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