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2011-25: The development of a simulator-based driving test for glaucoma patients

Medical devices and techniques
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 22-12-2011

Little is known about the relationship between the structural and functional damage of the nerve fibre layer in glaucoma and vision-related disabilities. In this explorative study we investigate driving simulation as a means to assess visual performance and will correlate this performance to both structural and functional clinical parameters. This study is an explorative study. Study subjects will perform a standardized driving test (20 minutes) in a driving simulator after an instruction and short training. During the test, participants will be confronted with specific tasks (e.g., right-of-way decision making, reacting to impeding events, speed compliance, car following) and participants’ driving performance (position and speed of the virtual vehicle, control inputs), will be recorded. High-end eye tracking (Smart-Eye) will be applied to record head position and rotation, gaze direction, eyelid opening and pupil size.

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