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2013-12: A multi criteria decision making approach to quality of care in ophthalmology.

Health service research
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 1-7-2013

Since several countries introduce market mechanism in healthcare, there is an increasingly interest to measure and report on healthcare quality. In recent years, various instruments are developed to measure the different aspects of healthcare quality for many perspectives. Although there is a lot of information on quality of cataract care, clear distinguishing between providers is not possible. To solve the problem we need to integrate and weight the different perspectives of stakeholders on all the aspects of quality in a scientifically way. The high volume, non-complex cataract care will be the focus of this study. The aim of this Non-intervention, mixed method study is to develop a technique to measure quality of care, taking into account different quality dimensions (effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility, patient-centeredness, equitability, safety) and different stakeholder perspectives (micro, meso, macro).

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