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2004-01: In vivo confocal microscopy of the cornea using the 3 Confoscan.

Cornea and infections
Medical devices and techniques
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 1-6-2004

Confocal microscopy allows visualization of the live cornea in a much greater resolution (2-10 µm) than the current maximum magnification of the slit lamp.

Up to now, the confocal microscopy mainly used in case studies by:

The characterization of rare corneal dystrophies and degenerations

* the differential diagnosis of various infectious processes in the cornea

* the analysis of the wound healing after penetrating keratoplasty in refractive surgical procedures.

* Contact lens-related pathologies

* endothelial review if corneal edema present.

In addition to the qualitative assessment of the cornea, it is possible to analyze through the development of advanced quantitative image analysis systems, larger groups of patients The in vivo confocal microscopy makes it possible to monitor in a non-invasive way inflammation and healing processes after surgical intervention.

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