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2013-31: AGEYE (Ageing Eye project 4) - Intraocular scattering changes with age.

Medical devices and techniques
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 1-7-2014

Aging of the eye may cause changes that affect the quality of vision by means of a reduced visual acuity and an increased straylight. Straylight is the functional impairment caused by the scattering of light in the eye, which leads to a veil of straylight over the retina and, thus, to visual complaints such as hazy vision, blinding by headlights from upcoming cars, and loss of contrast. These complaints can be assessed subjectively with specialized questionnaires on visual function. Furthermore, several instruments are available to determine the optical quality of the eye. In this project we will investigate which complaints are caused by each of these factors in the aging eye, whether they can be (objectively) measured and correlated to complaints expressed by patients, and how ophthalmologists take these factors into consideration in their decision-making to perform (or not) cataract surgery. The overall aim is to develop a decision model for cataract surgery based on subjective factors translated into objective factors.

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