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2009-19: Normative Database of Macular Thickening measured by Optovue after Cataract Extraction in Healthy Eyes.

Drug research
Investigator Initiated Research
Inclusion open since 1-1-2010

One of the most common causes of pour visual acuity following cataract surgery is the development of postoperative clinical (cystoid) macular edema ((C)ME). Several studies report macular thickening after phacoemulsification with or without reduced visual acuity. Knowledge of this thickening in a normal population after phacoemulsification is important for the evaluation of (sub)clinical macula thickening, especially in patients at increased risk of developing CME such as diabetic patients. Several diagnostic options have been investigated to determine a method to objectively assess the development of cystoid macular edema. In this study we will evaluate the development of macular thickening in healthy eyes after phacoemulsification in order to establish an upper cutoff point to detect significant macular thickening. The primary objective of this prospective non-interventional study is to obtain normative data for foveal thickness after phaco-emulsification in patients without reduced visual acuity and no other ocular pathology.

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